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Create and edit video chapter files.

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What is ChapterMaker?

ChapterMaker is a completely free and open source application for the creation and editing of video chapter files as used in Matroska (MKV) files. It provides a host of features that allow tremendous flexibility in the way that the files are prepared, but the priority during design was to make the functionality simple to use.


Some of the features of ChapterMaker include:

Screen Shots

Operating Platform

ChapterMaker has been developed for the Windows operating system; however, it has been designed as a portable application. This means that it can be installed and run from any drive or directory (including a USB stick) and does not use the Windows registry. Configuration files are stored in the same directory as the program by default.

Free License

ChapterMaker is provided completely free of charge to everyone. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Downloads & Support

The ChapterMaker application is being hosted on SourceForge for downloading and support. Support is available through a Wiki as well as a Discussion Forum. Tracking and management of bug reports and enhancement requests is also being handled on SourceForge.

ChapterMaker is also featured on SoftPedia and VideoHelp.

Source Code

The source code and development of ChapterMaker is being hosted by GitHub. The ChapterMaker application has been developed using SharpDevelop.

Authors and Contributors

ChapterMaker's author and maintainer is Bob Swift. This project has not had any other contributers yet, although improvement ideas and help are always welcome.